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Create Something Trasnforming

Innovative ideas are really important to make you different from others. DMCI involves innovative ideologies for imparting knowledge and skills to our trainees in depth way.

Excellent Training

The quality of training is the key establishment of any organization. We are exceptionally cares towards quality. Our course modules are reliable to meet business standards

Live Practical Classes

We believe in practical learning, and provides live training sessions and helped students understand each concept effectively.

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Are you Looking for the Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh / Mohali? DMCI INDIA offers Digital Marketing Course with live projects by the expert trainer in Chandigarh Sector 34. Our Digital marketing training program in Chandigarh is specially designed for Students, Under-Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals, and Freelancers. We provide end to end learning on Digital Marketing Domain with deeper dives for creating a winning career for every profile

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Training at DMCI is the marketing of your products or services using digital platforms, mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones, tablets, display/search/Video advertising, and any other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Digital Marketing platforms are systems based on the internet that can generate, speedup, boost, and transmit product value from producer to the terminal consumer by digital or social platforms. You can reach millions of customers for your product and services every day by promotions on various digital and social platforms.

Affordable Fee

In- Depth Program

Practical Training

Life Time Support

Placement Assistance

200+ Tools

50+ Case Study

Instant Backup

Experienced Trainer

Doubt Session

15+ International Certification

Grooming Classes

Curriculum: Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Master in Digital marketing with DMCI (Digital Marketing Coaching Institute In Chandigarh)

DMCI is now offering the Most Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh the city of Beautifull & new face of modern India.

This training program is deliberated particularly to offer an exceptional learning experience to aspirants and facilitate them to enhance their digital marketing skills to make a thriving career in the digital marketing domain.

The training program covers 60+ crucial modules of digital marketing. Post this, you can get specialization in Social Media Marketing, Online advertising, and Search Engine Optimization.

Additionally, we also have 3 Advance Programs in Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing, Digital Sales Optimization and Freelancing.

Join our Live-Classroom Training in Chandigarh to acquire profitable and solid digital marketing skills that will reward you for years and years to come.


Meaning of marketing


Digital marketing


Logo Creation


Document Creations

Youtube SEO

Video Creation


You Tube Marketing


Inbound Marketing


Outbound Marketing


Domain Registration

Website Structure

Website Creation


Keyword Research

Content Marketing

Content marketing


Email marketing




Search Console




Googel My Business


You Tube Marketing


Google Adword


Serch Advertising

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Display Advertising


Video Advertising

Shoping Ads

Eommerce Ads


Mobile Marketing


Conversation Tracking


Bing Ads


Remarketing Ads



social media

Social Media


Lead generation

googel tag

Google Tag Manager


Affiliate Marketing




Drop Shipping


Interview Prepration


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Advanced Digital Marketing Training​

Become Master in Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing Course Details(8 Course in 1 Course)
Module 50 Module
Batches Weekdays,Weekend,only Sunday,Online
Duration 3Months
Timing Morning 9am-7pm
Contact Details 7042022202
Batch Starting From Tuesday

Career Options you can choose after completion of Digital Marketing Course

Social Media Analyst (1 to 3 Yrs Exp.)

Salary: 18k to 30k
After 3 years of experience Designation- Social Media Manager salary 35k to 65k

PPC Analyst (3 - 5 yrs exp.)

Salary:18k to 30k
After 2 years of experience Designation - Sr. PPC Analyst Salary: 35k to 65k

Content Marketing Executive Salary: 21k to 35k

Salary: 40k to 60k
After 3 years of experience Designation- Content Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Executive

21k to 35k
After 3 years of experience Designation- Digital Marketing Manager Salary: 50k to 75k

Online Reputation Executive

21k to 35k
After 3 years of experience Designation- Online Reputation Manager Salary: 30k to 50k

Freelance Digital Marketer

40k to 75k
Monthly earning with just 2-3 projects: 40k to 75k Monthly earning with just 4-5 projects: 1Lac to 1.5lacs


Training Tools & Software

The digital marketing course at DMCI is free tools and software which are helpfull for any digital marketer,based on the latest industrial trends.

Customized Course

There are three different types of customizations available for choosing your required digital marketing course.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO topic which is much needed to learn for ranking of events, seminars, workshops and other short period events.

DMCI INDIA (Digital Marketing Coaching Institute) is Best Training Institute for digital marketing course in Chandigarh, Mohali. DMCI INDIA Providing training of Advanced Digital Marketing course in Chandigarh with latest techniques.

Why To Enroll In Our Digital Marketing Training Course in DMCI Chandigarh?

We Focus on Innovative ideas, High-quality Training, Smart Classes, 100% job assistance, Opening the doors of opportunities. Our Digital Marketing Trainees are working across the nation. We at DMCI India, No#1 Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh with 100% Placement. 50+ Modules and 3 Months Course Duration. Certified Trainers with Over 10,000 Students Trained in Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh.

What is the Importance of Digital Marketer?

Within this order, the world-wide-web may be a part of modernity, which is widespread anywhere like wildfire. Digital advertising is capable of working via the internet.

Today’s society is fighting with lack, so digital advertising is now mandatory. Each person who is linked to the www, they could use it readily everywhere. Should you ask to meet somebody, they will say I don’t have enough time, but on the societal website, they will not have any trouble talking to you. By considering these items, electronic advertising is making its strategy in this age. The public can readily get their preferred and necessary products throughout the internet according to their convenience. Nowadays, people avoid visiting the current market, this kind of circumstances, electronic marketing enables the business to do its services and products. Digital Marketing Training Center in Chandigarh can show unique types of the same thing in a brief period, and customers can quickly consume the things that they like. By these means, the customer goes to the marketplace to buy something, the time necessary to go and come is stored. The dealer can also be getting aid in the company. He could also associate with more people in a limited while and can communicate the features of his merchandise to the customer.






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Kick Start your Digital Marketing Course at our Digital Marketing Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

DMCI INDIA is one of the most trusted Digital Marketing Institute and Company in Chandigarh setting new benchmarks in providing the most advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh at reasonable price. So if you are willing to learn Digital Marketing then we offer Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners, Professionals and Job seekers. Here, you can learn real-time project building from the best Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh. Our Core focused on Google Ad Campaigns, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Social media, SEO, Branding and Google certification programs. Click to Book a Free Demo Class

Advance SEO Techniques
PPC Google AdWords
Advance Social Media



Digital Marketing Training Benefits for


How Many Courses are there in Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of aspects of digital marketing platforms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Adwords, Adsense & Analytics, Content Marketing, and the list goes on. It’s the job of an online marketing team to keep your business on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Website Designing
A site is quite vital for any company since that’s the platform where you get advice about the product and business, with this it is simple to understand through your site which products you’ve got. Individuals are more interested so you can make the most of it.

In addition to Digital Marketing, the site is also a fantastic alternative for taking comments and client testimonials, so you have to understand what the item believes and what things should have occurred in your product to become better.

Content Writing
Content Writing means writing about something, and here you want a site because the site is where it is possible to write individual posts about Review, Characteristics, Benefits, and Pricing, etc.

So your centric Keyword It is readily rated with other search phrases, and the ideal information of this item can convey to individuals.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is divided into two categories On-Page and Off-Page. On-Page is generally a one-time activity, but Off-Page is that which you will be doing regularly to rank your website on SERP.

It is a specialized medium that puts your site near the peak of the search engine results that raise the amount of traffic. For this, we must create our website based on keyword and SEO guidelines.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Through SMO, a user can express his views in front of tens of thousands of individuals. You’re well aware of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. As soon as we see this website, we see ads on it in a certain period, and it’s a useful and productive way for advertisements.

Email Marketing
Email promotion is the shipping of your merchandise via email to some providers. Email advertising is essential for each company in every single way since any provider gives new offerings and discounts to clients in time, for which email promotion is an effortless way.

YouTube Marketing
Now YouTube is the 2nd most popular Search Engine in the world because now most men and women want to watch videos to understand anything. You can give much better information on the merchandise to your customers through YouTube videos, have you any idea why videos are the best medium to advertise the item? It provides you with the facility to create Sound, Motion, and Vision together in one place.

Affiliate Marketing
The remuneration earned by marketing products through sites, links or blogs is named Affiliate Marketing. Under that, you create your connection and put your goods on that hyperlink. When the customer purchases your product by pressing on that link, you receive money from it.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)
It is not enough to create a web site and place it in the very best place. It is likewise crucial to have positive and complete online visibility. A negative response or review could degrade the operation of the site. Therefore, it’s also vital that you know about the services of ORM as it favorably helps in branding the business and holds back the negative reviews.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords
An advertisement that you want to see on the first page of SERP by paying to google is known as Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising as it is being understood by its name, which cash is deducted after it has clicked. It can be for every type of advertisement. These advertisements keep coming in the Google search. If a person sees these advertisements and clicks on that ad, then the money is deducted. It is also a type of electronic marketing.

Native Promotion
Native advertising is known as ads that are mostly content-led and are showcased in another platform using non-paid content. BuzzFeed’s sponsored posts are a good illustration of such advertisements.

Apps Marketing
Marketing different products on the Internet to reach individuals and sell a product to the users. It’s called program marketing. It is the best method of digital marketing. Nowadays, a large number of people are using smart telephones. Big businesses make their programs and create apps available to individuals.


Why Digital Marketing Course is important?

Digital Marketing Team applies the best techniques and strategies so that your business stays ahead in the competition and always on the top position or page of the SERPs. Digital marketing is very cost-saving in comparison to traditional marketing. You can reach millions of people without spending too much money as you spend right now.

The number of users of smartphones is going to reach more than Millions. Numerous students and professionals have experienced the benefits of digital marketing by enrolling themself in DMCI are the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chandigarh.

Now the purpose is why this electronic promotion is so essential. So I wish to inform you that today this electronic marketing is so much available that now everyone has lots of sources of advice. They could find any information at any time and any location. Now, these days are not anymore when someone was able to rely on Text Messages and that some people may see the identical thing that marketers used to notify him.

Therefore this electronic media is rising day by day, and much more entertainment, news, purchasing, and social interaction have been occurring inside. Consumers today aren’t just listening to the items of their organization, but they’re also identifying the good and poor and gathering information from other people too.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh is DMCI, which provides the best training center for Digital Marketing. Using which you can market your Products or Services on Digital platforms like Social Media, Internet, Mobile Phones efficiently and can get traffic to your business.

Nowadays, they wish to trust a new in which they can expect, know their needs of organizations, and show them what correctly based on their requirement, which they can purchase afterward. Some people are not interested in the series wag of this waste. They want brands they can expect, which live up to their expectations.

What You Get From Our Digital Marketing Training













What are the Uses of Digital Marketing?

  • We’re telling you about the usefulness of digital advertising – You are able to create a brochure on your website and promote your product on it to the public’s letter-box.
  • Website Traffic – Which website has the greatest audience crowd – first you know that then put your ad on that site so that more users may see you.
  • Attribution Modeling – During this, we can determine which products people are interested in or are visiting the advertisements. For this, special tools need to be used which can be accomplished by a special technique and we could track the activities of our customers i.e. their attention.
The subject of how you’re making contact with your customers is essential. It would help if you also kept an eye on the choice with their requirements; this can boost business. Their hope in you is also quite crucial that after seeing that advertising, do not hesitate to purchase your product and take it instantly. You have to give religion to their trust. It is your responsibility to guarantee the client. If a person doesn’t like the material, an e-book can enable you to change it so he can convey his message to you. You can learn everything about online marketing from the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chandigarh.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the duration of the digital marketing course in Chandigarh?

The course duration ranges from 3 months to 12 months, depending upon the course in which you are studying. Moreover, you need to attend every session and have to complete the assignment as well as projects. You need to get in touch with your trainer to clear your doubts related to digital marketing.

  • Is Digital Marketing a good career in Chandigarh?

The digital Marketing future is quite bright and has immense potential. This is the right time to try your hand into it. Organizations have started shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Consequently, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketers qualified to keep pace with the growing demands.

  • Where is this Digital Marketing institute located in Chandigarh?

Our Classroom is located in SCO 126-127 4th floor, Sector 34a Chandigarh and provides participants with state-of-the-art infrastructure for learning.

  • What are the benefits of doing Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh?

The city has endless opportunities for digital marketers. There are more than 150+ Startups and Digital Marketing Agencies placed in Chandigarh who are looking for skilled digital marketers. Additionally, there are several Real estate agencies, Ad agencies, manufacturing industries, export houses, and multinational companies located in this region that are upgrading themselves to digital and required resources trained with skills like SEO, Social Media, online advertising, email marketing, etc.

  • What are the job prospects of doing this digital marketing course?

Presently Digital Marketing has huge career opportunities for everyone whether they are students, job seekers, businessmen and who want to promote their skills and self-assessment. All the major Job searching portals are filled with Job openings in Digital Marketing Domain in Chandigarh Region, be it for a fresher or experience professional there are vacancies available for all.

About: Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Answer all of your questions

India is home to more than 225 million Internet users thus making it the second-largest online marketplace globally. Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 25% to 30% every year. By 2020, India will generate more than 20 Lakh Digital Marketing Jobs. The Digital Marketing Industry will generate more than INR 225 billion in revenue until 2020.

For the “Digital Marketing Course,” you are expected to have knowledge of Basic Computer, Internet and Communication Skills. Any person willing to earn additional Skill in the Digital Marketing field or Seeking out a new job can join the course. Our courses are highly favored by Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers, Housewives, Freelancers, and Working Professionals.
However, to opt “Orange Programs” you are required to hold a formal education level. For the Annual Program, only 10+2 qualified students are eligible. For the PG program, graduation is a requisite.

The student must have basic computer and internet literacy skills to efficiently join this program.

This course has a combined curriculum of 320 hours which involves about 120 hours of classroom training and rest of the hours dedicated towards mandatory assignments, doubt sessions, self study and examinations. For Weekday batches have a Span of about 2 months and weekend 3-4 months.

DMCI Certification Training is offered at our “Authorised Learning Centres” across India. You can visit the one near you or contact them online to find batch details and join.

Reasons Why DMCI is the best Digital Marketing Course?

Answer all of your questions

Dmci provides experience to learn and handle 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts. They also offer classroom live practical sessions which help aspirants to implement better what they learn.

You’ll get the experience to learn and handle 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts and agencies to speed up your learning & output.

All the training modules are consistent and meet industry standards. They are highly concerned towards quality & consequently run quality check audit to make sure that it meets all accepted best practices.

You can anytime ask for the doubt session if you feel like. Or you can book a slot and a day for the same concern.In case, you miss any of your class DMCI provides the facility to give you the backup class for the same. It is a big advantage any institute can offer.

You can get the most while pursuing the digital marketing course as they provide the hands-on learning experience. Students can get the best exposure to practical knowledge. They also give assignments and PDF etc.

Confused! Why not let us help?

Speak to us for Batches, fee & curriculum.
+91 7042022202
Email - sneh@dmciindia.com
Sco No. 126-127,4th floor, Sector 34 A Chandigarh, India.

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